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Also called adenosine diphosphate, adenosinediphosphoric acid. Biochemistry. an ester of adenosine and pyrophosphoric acid, C 10 H 12 N 5 O 3 H 3 P 2 O 7 , derived from ATP, and serving to transfer energy during glycolysis.
automatic data processing: the processing of data by computers or related devices, using techniques that reduce human intervention to a minimum.
Contemporary Examples

ADP concluded that employers added 215,000 positions in December.
December’s Economic Signs Looked Positive Amid Uncertainty Daniel Gross January 2, 2013

The same excuse was trotted out when the January ADP number came in weak.
The True Cost of Extreme Weather…Or is it Climate Change? Eugene Linden February 12, 2014

If ADP had been right and the number had been 175,000, I and the folks on my side would be crowing.
Jobs Numbers: Conservatives, This Thread’s For You Michael Tomasky July 5, 2012

(biochem) adenosine diphosphate; a nucleotide derived from ATP with the liberation of energy that is then used in the performance of muscular work

ADP 1 (ā’dē’pē’)
Adenosine diphosphate; an ester of adenosine that is converted to ATP for the storage of energy.
Short for adenosine diphosphate. An organic compound that is composed of adenosine and two phosphate groups. With the addition of another phosphate group, it is converted to ATP for the storage of energy during cell metabolism. It then forms again, from ATP, when a phosphate group is removed to release energy. Chemical formula: C10H15N5O10P2.
adenosine diphosphate
automatic data processing


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