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(Acts 27:27; R.V., “the sea of Adria”), the Adriatic Sea, including in Paul’s time the whole of the Mediterranean lying between Crete and Sicily. It is the modern Gulf of Venice, the _Mare Superum_ of the Romans, as distinguished from the _Mare Inferum_ or Tyrrhenian Sea.

Historical Examples

But what devotion he showed towards his children Austria and adria?
Isabella Orsini Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi

Groto, known as the Cieco d’ adria, combined the mythological motive with much of the vulgar obscenity of the Latin comedy.
Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama Walter W. Greg

My sister Laura, who was married and lived at adria, passed away while yet in the prime of womanhood.
The Memoirs of Count Carlo Gozzi Count Carlo Gozzi

They then passed on to Ancona and adria, and as they returned captured a whole Venetian squadron.
The Shores of the Adriatic F. Hamilton Jackson

The wind was chasing in from the bosom of adria, and driving the fleeting mists up the little valley.
A Friend of Caesar William Stearns Davis

adria, that ancient and famous city, which gave its name to the Gulph is now but a pitiful half drowned village.
Munster Village Mary Hamilton

Dalmatia and a narrow strip of the adria complete the circuit, so Austria practically surrounds Montenegro on three sides.
The Land of the Black Mountain Reginald Wyon

To the right, the Lovćen and the Rumija rear their lofty heads, and divide the lake from the adria beyond.
The Land of the Black Mountain Reginald Wyon


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