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one of the royal cities of the Canaanites, now ‘Aid-el-ma (Josh. 12:15; 15:35). It stood on the old Roman road in the valley of Elah (q.v.), which was the scene of David’s memorable victory over Goliath (1 Sam. 17:2), and not far from Gath. It was one of the towns which Rehoboam fortified against Egypt (2 Chr. 11:7). It was called “the glory of Israel” (Micah 1:15). The Cave of Adullam has been discovered about 2 miles south of the scene of David’s triumph, and about 13 miles west from Bethlehem. At this place is a hill some 500 feet high pierced with numerous caverns, in one of which David gathered together “every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented” (1 Sam. 22:2). Some of these caverns are large enough to hold 200 or 300 men. According to tradition this cave was at Wady Khureitun, between Bethlehem and the Dead Sea, but this view cannot be well maintained.

Historical Examples

The cave of adullam has always been the most prolific literary centre.
By the Christmas Fire Samuel McChord Crothers

A famous community of troglodytes dwelt with David in the Cave of adullam.
The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce

It was the Philistine city nearest to the scene of David’s first great victory, as well as to adullam, whither he had first fled.
Biblical Geography and History Charles Foster Kent

He was there hidden in such caves as adullam, and cut off from the sanctuary of God.
Multiplied Blessings Edward Hoare

Then David went from there and escaped to the stronghold of adullam.
The Children’s Bible Henry A. Sherman

There is a strange assortment of humanity in adullam Street.
London’s Underworld Thomas Holmes

He never, like Shelley, pushed his quarrel with the old order to the extreme, but remained in a solitary cave of adullam.
Hours in a Library Leslie Stephen

She returns to her former life; adullam Street is but an incident in her life.
London’s Underworld Thomas Holmes

He found a great cave, called the cave of adullam, and hid in it.
The Wonder Book of Bible Stories Compiled by Logan Marshall

Some to dustheaps, some back to adullam Street, some to nomadic life.
London’s Underworld Thomas Holmes


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