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having greater resources or better skills, education, facilities, etc.:
She is more advantaged than her cousin.
having sufficient or abundant income, natural resources, etc.; affluent:
the advantaged nations.
(used with a plural verb) advantaged people collectively (usually preceded by the):
a luxury cruise that only the advantaged could afford.
any state, circumstance, opportunity, or means specially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end:
the advantage of a good education.
benefit; gain; profit:
It will be to his advantage to learn Chinese before going to China.
superiority or ascendancy (often followed by over or of):
His height gave him an advantage over his opponent.
a position of superiority (often followed by over or of):
their advantage in experienced players.
Tennis. the first point scored after deuce.
to be of service to; yield profit or gain to; benefit.
to cause to advance; further; promote:
Such action will advantage our cause.
to prove beneficial to; profit:
It would advantage him to work harder.
have the advantage of, to be in a superior or advantageous position; possess an advantage over:
By virtue of independent wealth, he has the advantage of his opponents.
take advantage of,

to make use of for gain:
to take advantage of an opportunity.
to impose upon, especially unfairly, as by exploiting a weakness:
to take advantage of someone.

to advantage, to good effect; advantageously:
The paintings were arranged to advantage on one wall.
Contemporary Examples

Of course, CNN is advantaged by being in nearly 30 million more households than FBN.
‘Money Honey’ Maria Bartiromo Crosses Enemy Lines, Flees CNBC for Fox Lloyd Grove November 18, 2013

But what’s clear is that, over the past decade, this aspect of the Electoral College has advantaged Democrats.
Could Abolishing the Electoral College Help Republicans? Justin Green January 29, 2013

Historical Examples

Doubtless they served to blind him and this advantaged McGee who, unseen in the darkness, kept his Vickers going.
Aces Up Covington Clarke

In moral application a virtue is a quality in mankind whereby we are most advantaged.
Concerning Children Charlotte Perkins Gilman

By thine aid is he advantaged, and made strong by thy valour and prowess: Bitterest was that Battle in which thou didst engage.
Chronicles of London Bridge Richard Thompson

I have been advantaged thereby before now, and did not know but by speaking no truth, I might have reaped the same benefit now.
The Holy War made by Shaddai upon Diabolus John Bunyan

I see you have advantaged by practice with Vol au Vent, said the Marquis.
Nasby in Exile David R. Locke

Because the truth would have prejudiced him whom I was serving; now falsehood has advantaged him.
The Captiva and The Mostellaria Plautus

Let us next see how the Allies were advantaged and disadvantaged by their position.
A General Sketch of the European War Hilaire Belloc

in a superior social or economic position
often foll by over or of. superior or more favourable position or power: he had an advantage over me because of his experience
benefit or profit (esp in the phrase to one’s advantage)

the point scored after deuce
the resulting state of the score

take advantage of

to make good use of
to impose upon the weakness, good nature, etc, of; abuse
to seduce

to advantage, to good effect: he used his height to advantage at the game
you have the advantage of me, you know me but I do not know you

early 14c., avantage, “position of being in advance of another,” from Old French avantage “advantage, profit, superiority,” from avant “before,” probably via an unrecorded Late Latin *abantaticum, from Latin abante (see advance).

The -d- is a 16c. intrusion on the analogy of Latin ad- words. Meaning “a favoring circumstance” (the opposite of disadvantage) is from late 15c. Tennis score sense is from 1640s, first recorded in writings of John Milton, of all people. Phrase to take advantage of is first attested late 14c.

Related Terms

home-court advantage

get the advantage of
show to advantage
take advantage of
to advantage


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