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Adverse possession

the open and exclusive occupation and use of someone else’s real property without permission of the owner continuously for a period of years prescribed by law, thereafter giving title to the occupier-user.
Historical Examples

The doctrine of “adverse possession” is founded on the anxiety of our law to secure quietude of title.
Ten Thousand a-Year (Vol. 2) Samuel Warren

It is not wonderful that property began in adverse possession.
Ancient Law Sir Henry James Sumner Maine

A far longer period than the present one was requisite to constitute “adverse possession” at the time mentioned in the text.
Ten Thousand a-Year (Vol. 2) Samuel Warren

The civil statutes also give moral validity to the title of prescription, or adverse possession.
Distributive Justice John A. (John Augustine) Ryan

He found him in adverse possession of his property and with a gun raised ready to shoot.
Silver and Gold Dane Coolidge

But Truth has a right of way everywhere, and will recover it at last, spite of the adverse possession of a political party.
Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 1 (of 3) Theodore Parker

(property law) the occupation or possession of land by a person not legally entitled to it. If continued unopposed for a period specifed by law, such occupation extinguishes the title of the rightful owner


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