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after careful or thorough consideration; deliberately.
Contemporary Examples

I use “business” advisedly because so much of the attention around journalism today is about the reduced resources to fund it.
The Heroes Who Can Save Journalism Peter Osnos June 28, 2009

Historical Examples

I say rise, and I say it advisedly; for the sciences also form a part of that golden chain which should unite the earth to heaven.
The Heavenly Father Ernest Naville

We say “may” advisedly; for the matter, from beginning to end, is one of speculation.
The Life of Cesare Borgia Raphael Sabatini

The word ‘Norman’ I use roughly for North-savage;—roughly, but advisedly.
Ariadne Florentina John Ruskin

The home name seemed to add a touch of endearment, and he used it advisedly.
The Nebuly Coat John Meade Falkner

I say one or two advisedly: for the span of man’s active life is short and such haunting fancies are, of their essence, solitary.
The Light of Scarthey Egerton Castle

We say “he was seen,” advisedly, for the maid with the golden hair saw him.
The Lighthouse R.M. Ballantyne

“Mrs. Jarney, it would be best not to disturb her any more; she needs sleep,” said Star, advisedly.
Edith and John Franklin S. Farquhar

The pity of it all was—I say it now openly and advisedly—that our one motive was hate.
The Memoirs of an American Citizen Robert Herrick

This is said advisedly, for the German workers were at least permitted to meet when and where they pleased.
The Great Steel Strike and its Lessons William Z. Foster


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