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one who gives .
Education. a teacher responsible for students on academic matters.
a fortuneteller.
Contemporary Examples

Ibrahim Kalin, and advisor to Erdogan, spoke of a “meritorious isolation” of the country.
Erdogan’s Foreign Policy Reset Thomas Seibert January 24, 2014

Jeb next found himself as an advisor to Barclays, which had picked through the carcass of what was left of Lehman.
Bush, Christie, Romney: Who’ll Be the GOP Class Warrior? Lloyd Green December 14, 2014

In Vietnam, Lewis was advisor to a Vietnamese infantry unit, whose nickname for him was “Captain of Many Kilos.”
A West Point MVP Who Never Played a Down Nicolaus Mills December 12, 2014

Rod Martin, a U.S. Republican Party member and former Paypal.com advisor, said he was thrilled by how well read the kids were.
The Kremlin’s Extremist Youth Camp Anna Nemtsova August 9, 2011

Kamei was also a close associate of Kyo Eichu, an advisor to the Yamaguchi-gumi who is currently serving time for fraud.
Yakuza Goes Hollywood Jake Adelstein September 22, 2011

Historical Examples

After returning to Richmond, my father resumed his position as advisor and counsellor to Mr. Davis.
Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee (His Son) Captain Robert E. Lee

The advisor missed it; he was too engrossed in his argument.
Desire No More Algirdas Jonas Budrys

Resignation should be requested of any advisor who has outgrown the ability to learn.
Adequate Preparation for the Teacher of Biological Sciences in Secondary Schools James Daley McDonald

The advisor, not much older than Isherwood, shrugged, defeated.
Desire No More Algirdas Jonas Budrys

The advisor lifted two fingers to the bartender and shrugged.
Desire No More Algirdas Jonas Budrys

a person who advises
(education) a person responsible for advising students on academic matters, career guidance, etc
(Brit, education) a subject specialist who advises heads of schools on current teaching methods and facilities

1610s, agent noun from advise (v.). Meaning “military person sent to help a government or army in a foreign country” is recorded from 1915. Alternative form, Latinate advisor, is perhaps a back-formation from advisory.


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