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account executive.
American English.
pen name of George William Russell.
the ash, an early English ligature representing a vowel sound like that of a in modern bad. The long ǣ continued in use until about 1250, but was finally replaced by e. The short æ was given up by 1150, being replaced usually by a but sometimes by e.
a digraph or ligature appearing in Latin and Latinized Greek words. In English words of Latin or Greek origin, ae is now usually represented by e, except generally in proper names (Caesar), in words belonging to Roman or Greek antiquities (aegis), and in modern words of scientific or technical use (aecium).
for words with initial ae-, see also e-.
at the age of; aged.
Agricultural Engineer.
Associate in Education.
Associate in Engineering.
Mathematics, .
Arts and Entertainment: a cable television channel.
Bertrand (Arthur William), 3rd Earl, 1872–1970, English philosopher, mathematician, and author: Nobel Prize in literature 1950.
Charles Edward, 1860–1941, U.S. journalist, sociologist, biographer, and political leader.
Charles Taze
[teyz] /teɪz/ (Show IPA), (“Pastor Russell”) 1852–1916, U.S. religious leader and publisher: founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Elizabeth Mary, Countess (Mary Annette Beauchamp”Elizabeth”) 1866–1941, Australian novelist.
George William (“Æ”) 1867–1935, Irish poet and painter.
Henry Norris, 1877–1957, U.S. astronomer.
John Russell, 1st Earl (Lord John Russell) 1792–1878, British statesman: prime minister 1846–52, 1865–66.
Lillian (Helen Louise Leonard) 1861–1922, U.S. singer and actress.
William Felton
[fel-tn] /ˈfɛl tn/ (Show IPA), (“Bill”) born 1934, U.S. basketball player and coach.
Mount, a mountain in E California, in the Sierra Nevada. 14,088 feet (4294 meters).
a mountain in S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range. 11,670 feet (3557 meters).
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

The two-part TV-movie, starring Pierce Brosnan, premiered on ae last year.
Remedial Reader: The Essential Stephen King Back List Jessica Ferri April 24, 2012

ae thing is one thing, the word’s oldish and Scottish; AG means agriculture, the word’s academic and oddish.
National Scrabble Day: A Poem So You’ll Know All 101 Two-Letter Words David Bukszpan April 12, 2013

Historical Examples

I gaed in ae day whan I wasna weel; an’ she jist ministert to me, as nane ever did but yersel’, mem.
Robert Falconer George MacDonald

“Jist answer me ae queston, Isy, and I’ll speir nae mair,” said Marion.
Salted With Fire George MacDonald

“Oh, wi’ ae thing and another, according to the time o’ day,” he answered.
Highways and Byways in The Border Andrew Lang

“I want ye to promise me ae thing afore we pairt,” said Geordie.
St. Cuthbert’s Robert E. Knowles

But, then, whales marry but ae wife, and are passionately attached to their offspring.
Heads and Tales Various

I had ae fine customer, the bailie; he had eleven o’ a family.
St. Cuthbert’s Robert E. Knowles

He gie’d ae bitter groan, an’ wad’ hae fa’n to the earth had’na a kind neebor supported him.
Stories and Sketches Harriet S. Caswell

Because they be the double of Triangles, by the 12 e, of first figures: As ae, and ei.
The Way To Geometry Peter Ramus

(Scot) one; a single
United Arab Emirates
a digraph in Latin representing either a native diphthong, as in æquus, or a Greek αι (ai) in Latinized spellings, as in æschylus: now usually written ae, or e in some words, such as demon
a ligature used in Old and early Middle English to represent the vowel sound of a in cat
a ligature used in modern phonetic transcription also representing the vowel sound a in cat
the pen name of (George William) Russell
Bertrand (Arthur William), 3rd Earl. 1872–1970, British philosopher and mathematician. His books include Principles of Mathematics (1903), Principia Mathematica (1910–13) with A. N. Whitehead, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (1919), The Problems of Philosophy (1912), The Analysis of Mind (1921), and An Enquiry into Meaning and Truth (1940): Nobel prize for literature 1950
George William pen name æ. 1867–1935, Irish poet and journalist
Henry Norris. 1877–1957, US astronomer and astrophysicist, who originated one form of the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram
John, 1st Earl. 1792–1878, British statesman; prime minister (1846–52; 1865–66). He led the campaign to carry the 1832 Reform Act
Ken. 1927–2011, British film director. His films include Women in Love (1969), The Music Lovers (1970), The Boy Friend (1971), Valentino (1977), Gothic (1986), and The Rainbow (1989)

see æ. As a word, it can represent Old English æ “law,” especially law of nature or God’s law; hence “legal custom, marriage.”

masc. proper name, from Old French rous-el, diminutive of rous “red,” used as a personal name. See russet.

symbol ultimately from Latin and used by scribes writing Old English for a vowel sound between “a” and “e;” generally replaced by -a- after the Conquest. The Latin symbol represented Greek -ai-, and when Latinate words flooded into English in the 16c., it reappeared with them, but only as an etymological device, and it was pronounced simply “e” and eventually reduced to that letter in writing (e.g. eon) in most cases except proper names: Cæsar, Æneas, Æsculapius, Æsop.

For words beginning with ae- that are not found here, see under e-.
American astronomer who studied binary stars and developed methods to calculate their mass and distances. Working independently of Ejnar Hertzsprung, Russell also demonstrated the relationship between types of stars and their absolute magnitude. This correlation is now known as the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Application Executive

The country code for the United Arab Emirates.
account executive
adult education
American English
Armed Forces Europe
atomic energy
Latin aetatis (at the age of)
aeronautical engineer
aeronautical engineering
astronautical engineer
astronautical engineering


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