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Arnold Engineering Development Center


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  • Aedes

    . any mosquito of the genus Aedes. Contemporary Examples In contrast to the veteran Anopheles, the aedes mosquito did not arrive until the 1980s. Chikungunya: The Mosquito-Borne Virus That Contorts Your Limbs Kent Sepkowitz March 4, 2014 The story centers on aedes albopictus, aka the Tiger mosquito, a newcomer to the New World. Chikungunya: The […]

  • Aedicula


  • Aedicule

    a small building. a small construction, as a shrine, designed in the form of a building. noun an opening such as a door or a window, framed by columns on either side, and a pediment above

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    one of a board of magistrates in charge of public buildings, streets, markets, games, etc. Historical Examples Agrippa, when aedile of Rome, banished all such terrible citizens. The Last Days of Pompeii Edward George Bulwer-Lytton But a rich man—it is the duty of an aedile to protect the rich!’ The Last Days of Pompeii Edward […]

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