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a king of Colchis, father of Medea and custodian of the Golden Fleece.
Historical Examples

But soon when from the plain they came to the city and aeetes’ palace, then again Hera dispersed the mist.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

He says that after the sacrifice he purified the fleece and so: ‘Holding the fleece he walked into the halls of aeetes.’
Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica Homer and Hesiod

Nor is it well to take no thought of aeetes, as thou sayest: for none is more lordly than aeetes.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

On one day they would waste the palace of aeetes with baleful fire, should he not yield them the fleece of his own goodwill.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

For they deemed that they would not find aeetes friendly if they desired to take away the ram’s fleece.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

But aeetes is terribly armed with deadly ruthlessness; wherefore exceedingly do I dread this voyage.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

The other buildings the handmaidens had, and the two daughters of aeetes, Chalciope and Medea.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

But apart the maidens huddled together lamented beside the daughter of aeetes.
The Argonautica Apollonius Rhodius

He has mistresses and human children, such as Circe and aeetes.
Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1 Andrew Lang

The character painting of Valerius is superior to that of the original, cf. the character of Jason and of aeetes.
The Student’s Companion to Latin Authors George Middleton

(Greek myth) a king of Colchis, father of Medea and keeper of the Golden Fleece


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