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(“Ælfric Grammaticus”; “Ælfric the Grammarian”) a.d. c955–c1020, English abbot and writer.
Historical Examples

All of these are conveniently accessible in White, aelfric, Chap.
Early Theories of Translation Flora Ross Amos

aelfric’s approval of this characteristic has already been noted.
Early Theories of Translation Flora Ross Amos

aelfric, writing a century later, develops his theories in greater detail.
Early Theories of Translation Flora Ross Amos

Mete-afluing (aelfric), atrophy.Wylde-fyr (wildfire) (aelfric), erysipelas.
An Outline of English Speech-craft William Barnes

In 1844, it was printed for the aelfric Society by Mr. Kemble, accompanied by a translation, in which the passages are thus given.
Notes & Queries, No. 27. Saturday, May 4, 1850 Various

Incidentally, however, aelfric makes it evident that his were not the only theories of translation which the period afforded.
Early Theories of Translation Flora Ross Amos

called Grammaticus. ?955–?1020, English abbot, writer, and grammarian


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