an aeneous beetle.

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    . Historical Examples The subsequent Azilian and Eneolithic cultures were crowded under the very roof of the grotto at the sides. Men of the Old Stone Age Henry Fairfield Osborn

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    aenon springs, a place near Salim where John baptized (John 3:23). It was probably near the upper source of the Wady Far’ah, an open valley extending from Mount Ebal to the Jordan. It is full of springs. A place has been found called ‘Ainun, four miles north of the springs. Historical Examples John baptized “in […]

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    Also, Aeolic. belonging to a nation of people in ancient Greece named after , its legendary founder. a member of one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks. Compare (def 5), (def 2), (def 3). (def 1). pertaining to , or to the winds in general. (usually lowercase) of or caused by the […]

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    plural noun (geology) sediments, such as loess, made up of windblown grains of sand or dust Historical Examples These are in part of glacial origin, and contain Scandinavian boulders; but fluviatile and aeolian deposits also occur. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 7 Various

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