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a round vessel caused to rotate by the force of tangentially escaping steam: an early example of jet propulsion.
a device for injecting the vapors of heated alcohol into a laboratory furnace.
Historical Examples

Another orifice in the aeolipile was fitted with a reed, so that the steam going through it imitated the song of a bird.
Automobile Biographies Lyman Horace Weeks

The Verbiest model was for a four-wheeled carriage, on which an aeolipile was mounted with a pan of burning coals beneath it.
Automobile Biographies Lyman Horace Weeks

Some late authors have discovered the extraordinary use to which the frauds of the heathen priesthood applied the aeolipile, viz.
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Various

a device illustrating the reactive forces of a gas jet: usually a spherical vessel mounted so as to rotate and equipped with angled exit pipes from which steam within it escapes


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