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Aerodynamic braking

the use of aerodynamic drag to slow spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere
the use of airbrakes to retard flying vehicles or objects
the use of a parachute or reversed thrust to decelerate an aircraft during landing


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  • Aerodynamic drag

    noun See air resistance

  • Aerodynamically

    the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases and with the effects of such motion on bodies in the medium. Compare (def 1). Historical Examples “We might need an aerodynamically stable hull,” Wade interjected. Islands of Space John W Campbell noun (functioning as sing) the study of the dynamics […]

  • Aerodynamicist

    an expert in aerodynamics.

  • Aeroemphysema

    aeroemphysema aeroemphysema aer·o·em·phy·se·ma (âr’ō-ěm’fĭ-sē’mə, -zē’-) n. See decompression sickness. A form of chronic pulmonary emphysema resulting from rapid decompression, as may occur in an inadequately pressurized aircraft.

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