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aeropathy aer·op·a·thy (â-rŏp’ə-thē)
A pathological condition induced by a change in the atmospheric pressure.


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  • Aerope

    the wife of Atreus, seduced by her brother-in-law Thyestes.

  • Aerophagia

    swallowing of air, sometimes due to nervousness or anxiety. Historical Examples aerophagia is by no means, therefore, a simple involuntary movement, but a combination of systematised muscular actions. Tics and Their Treatment Henry Meigne noun spasmodic swallowing of air, a habit that can lead to belching and stomach pain aerophagia aer·o·pha·gia (âr’ə-fā’jə) or aer·oph·a·gy (-ŏf’ə-jē) […]

  • Aerophil

    aerophil aerophil aer·o·phil (âr’ə-fĭl) or aer·o·phile (-fīl’) adj. Thriving in the presence of air; air-loving. n. An aerobic organism, especially an obligate aerobe.

  • Aerophore

    a portable device filled with compressed air and used in cases of asphyxia or the like.

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