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Contemporary Examples

I do not recall what sort of aeroplane Mr. Hughes had at the time; however, it was quite comfortable, as I recall.
Alfred Hitchcock’s Fade to Black: The Great Director’s Final Days David Freeman December 12, 2014

Historical Examples

If a third aeroplane is used, it must be placed at an angle that will impart additional acceleration to the air, and so on.
Artificial and Natural Flight Hiram S. Maxim

We call her “Antoinette” after the aeroplane, for she makes a noise like the aeroplane when she sings.
‘My Beloved Poilus’ Anonymous

He would need one that could sail on the water, and yet float in the air like a balloon or aeroplane.
Through Space to Mars Roy Rockwood

One aeroplane came so close over the barracks that we could wave to the pilot.
‘My Beloved Poilus’ Anonymous

High in the air above the spot where the three boys were standing appeared an aeroplane.
Fighting in France Ross Kay

Even as he spoke the Norton aeroplane was wheeled out again.
The Silent Bullet Arthur B. Reeve

An aeroplane and its engine are judged by the pilot who uses them.
The War in the Air; Vol. 1 Walter Raleigh.

Once he flapped and flapped his great wings, Soaring like an aeroplane.
Here and Now Story Book Lucy Sprague Mitchell

The branches also offer a screen for the artillerymen, who can lurk beneath this shelter until the aeroplane has passed.
Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War Frederick A. Talbot

a heavier-than-air powered flying vehicle with fixed wings

1866, from French aéroplane (1855), from Greek aero- “air” (see air (n.1)) + stem of French planer “to soar,” from Latin planus “level, flat” (see plane (n.1)). Originally in reference to surfaces (such as the protective shell casings of beetles’ wings); meaning “heavier than air flying machine” first attested 1873, probably an independent English coinage (see airplane).


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