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any lighter-than-air aircraft, as a balloon or dirigible.
Historical Examples

Then the aerostat, as the great bag is called, was unrolled and spread evenly over this.
Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls Anonymous

aerostat′ics, that branch of physics which treats of the weight, pressure, and equilibrium of air and gases.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1 Various

For one thing, it would be severe work to draw the stranger bodily up and into the aerostat.
The Lost City Joseph E. Badger, Jr.

Then against our aerostat, and with the wind driving them clean overhead of us, come the antagonistic flying-machines.
Anticipations Herbert George Wells

I am going back to the aerostat, and I dare not leave you boys behind.
The Lost City Joseph E. Badger, Jr.

There isn’t as much of that aerostat left as would make a pocket-handkerchief or a walking-stick.
The Angel of the Revolution George Griffith

Ten minutes later the aerostat was released from her moorings and rose swiftly and vertically into the air.
The Angel of the Revolution George Griffith

My first wish is to thoroughly test the aerostat, to make certain it has received no serious injury.
The Lost City Joseph E. Badger, Jr.

a lighter-than-air craft, such as a balloon


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