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of or relating to .
Contemporary Examples

As the gallery puts it, Mercier’s works “imply that function is part of an aesthetical proposition.”
This Bench Recycles Bad Carpet as Good Art Blake Gopnik June 26, 2013

Historical Examples

aesthetical judgements can be divided just like theoretical (logical) judgements into empirical and pure.
Kant’s Critique of Judgement Immanuel Kant

Munich, on the Isar, is every day drifting into the beautiful, not to say aesthetical.
Some Cities and San Francisco and Resurgam Hubert Howe Bancroft

In the former the main design is the mere expression of aesthetical Ideas.
Kant’s Critique of Judgement Immanuel Kant

This latter remark, however, must be taken only as an illustration, and not as any proof of the truth of our aesthetical theory.
The Critique of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant

In the latter the chief point is a certain use of the artistic object, by which condition the aesthetical Ideas are limited.
Kant’s Critique of Judgement Immanuel Kant

The following year, 1795, appeared his most important contribution to aesthetics, in his aesthetical Letters.
The Aesthetical Essays Friedrich Schiller

We receive a pathological rather than aesthetical impression.
Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician Frederick Niecks

The aesthetical appearance can never endanger the truth of morals: wherever it seems to do so the appearance is not aesthetical.
The Aesthetical Essays Friedrich Schiller

This is the reason why the aesthetical judgment leaves us free, and delights and enraptures us.
The Aesthetical Essays Friedrich Schiller


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