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Mount. .
Mount, an active volcano in E Sicily. 10,758 feet (3280 meters).
Contemporary Examples

There are many more donors like Aetna and Friess—but unless the law is changed, we will probably never know their names.
The Dark Money Shuffle John Avlon, Michael Keller September 18, 2012

I got an Aetna PPO plan with a $3500 deductible, which means I pay out-of-pocket for most things.
The Non-Problem that ObamaCare Didn’t Fix Megan McArdle September 18, 2012

Elizabeth Raitz-Cowboy, an Aetna medical director, said her husband is a full-blooded Navajo.
Obama’s Unsung Army of Backstage Volunteers at the Inaugural Balls Lauren Ashburn January 21, 2013

Ronald A. Williams, who retired as CEO of Aetna in November 2010, took home more than $50 million in realized options.
America’s Highest-Paid CEOs December 15, 2011

That would certainly be of use in trading HMO stocks such as Aetna or Cigna.
Ethically Challenged Congress Needs Law or Code Banning Insider Trading Zachary Karabell November 14, 2011

Historical Examples

At the same time the name of the city was changed to Aetna (′’Αιθνη).
Etna G. F. Rodwell

Aetna, now roused to eruption Unwonted, darts flashes of flame to the clouds.
The Satyricon, Complete Petronius Arbiter

These ideas were developed by Lucilius Junior in a poem consisting of 644 hexameters entitled Aetna.
Etna G. F. Rodwell

Aetna supplies more certain harvests, wrecks fewer vineyards and peaceful dwellings.
Diana of the Crossways, Complete George Meredith

Empedocles, while he was ambitious of being esteemed an immortal god, in cold blood leaped into burning Aetna.
The Works of Horace Horace

the Latin name for Mount Etna
Mount Etna, an active volcano in E Sicily: the highest volcano in Europe and the highest peak in Italy south of the Alps. Height: 3323 m (10 902 ft)

volcano in Sicily, from Latin Aetna, from an indigenous Sicilian language, *aith-na “the fiery one,” from PIE *ai-dh-, from root *ai- “to burn” (see edifice).


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