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pleasantly easy to approach and to talk to; friendly; cordial; warmly polite:
an affable and courteous gentleman.
showing warmth and friendliness; benign; pleasant:
an affable smile.
Contemporary Examples

They ranged from yoga teacher-toned to affably soft around the edges.
Naked on a New York Street—for Art Emily Shire September 15, 2014

Its affably glib opening lines set the tone while acknowledging the First-World-problems aspect to the text.
Must-Reads: ‘The Last Nude,’ ‘Arrows of the Night,’ and ‘The Fallback Plan’ Bruce Riedel, Lauren Elkin, Drew Nellins January 23, 2012

Historical Examples

Constable Heather was in charge of the station, and when he saw Tom he greeted him affably.
The Mystery of the Downs John R. Watson

The lady stared at him steadfastly and smiled to him affably and serenely.
Foma Gordyeff Maxim Gorky

Our father went on affably serving the salad to the just and the unjust alike.
Life’s Minor Collisions Frances Warner

“Charlie, you are neglecting a part of your duty,” he observed to Drouet most affably.
Sister Carrie Theodore Dreiser

“Let me hear your plan first,” she answered, affably, in her secret joy.
Dainty’s Cruel Rivals Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller

“I think I’ll come up and sit nearer to you,” says Tommy, affably.
April’s Lady Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

“Now, I don’t know what induced you to hide yourself out here—” went on Barkley, affably.
Heart’s Desire Emerson Hough

“I am sorry we are going to part, gentlemen,” he said, affably.
Australia Revenged Boomerang

showing warmth and friendliness; kindly; mild; benign
easy to converse with; approachable; amicable

late 15c., from Old French afable (14c.), from Latin affabilis “approachable, courteous, kind, friendly,” literally “who can be (easily) spoken to,” from affari “to speak to,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + fari “to speak” (see fame (n.)). Related: Affably.


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