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betrothed; engaged.
to pledge by promise of marriage; betroth.
a pledging of faith, as a marriage contract.
trust; confidence; reliance.
Historical Examples

Will it please you to remember that M. d’Ombreval is my affianced husband?
The Trampling of the Lilies Rafael Sabatini

Let me explain, then, that we have been affianced from our childhood.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

“The right of your affianced bride,” my other half explained, with a grim smile to myself.
Paul Kelver Jerome Klapka, AKA Jerome K. Jerome

And Julia did speak, and became the affianced wife of Mr. Hedge.
City Crimes Greenhorn

“Yes, she has stood the ordeal very well so far,” remarked Dr. Harold, giving his affianced a very lover-like glance and smile.
Elsie and Her Namesakes Martha Finley

Anak was in the crowd with her father, the old chief, and her affianced, Noa.
Tales of the Malayan Coast Rounsevelle Wildman

Juliet and I had been affianced beside my father’s deathbed—Torella was to be a second parent to me.
The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1, April, 1851 Various

We were both happy, and my sister was affianced to a man she adored.
An Eagle Flight Jos Rizal

How he would despise her and forbid his affianced wife to be outraged by her presence if he knew!
A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander

She did not seem at all like a girl in love and parted from her affianced husband.
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy

(transitive) to bind (a person or oneself) in a promise of marriage; betroth
(archaic) a solemn pledge, esp a marriage contract

1520s, “to promise,” from Old French afiancier “to pledge, promise, give one’s word,” from afiance (n.) “confidence, trust,” from afier “to trust,” from Late Latin affidare, from ad- “to” (see ad-) + fidare “to trust,” from fidus (see affidavit). From mid-16c. especially “to promise in marriage.” Related: Affianced; affiancing.


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