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to charter (a ship) as a freight carrier.


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  • Affreightment

    to charter (a ship) as a freight carrier. Historical Examples Charter-party, chrt′ėr-pr′ti, n. the common written form in which the contract of affreightment is expressed—viz. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various noun a contract hiring a ship to carry goods

  • Affricate

    Also called affricative. a speech sound comprising occlusion, plosion, and frication, as either of the ch- sounds in church and the j- sound in joy. to change the pronunciation of (a stop) to an affricate, especially by releasing (the stop) slowly. Historical Examples The affricate in words like gaol is of French origin (gele), from […]

  • Affrication

    the act or process of changing a stop sound to an .

  • Affricative

    (def 1). of or relating to an . articulated as an . noun another word for affricate adjective of, relating to, or denoting an affricate n. 1879, perhaps via German, from Latin affricat-, past participle stem of affricare “rub against,” from ad- (see ad-) + fricare “to rub” (see friction).

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