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(def 1).
(lowercase) a coin and monetary unit of Afghanistan, equal to 100 puls.
Abbreviation: Agh.
Contemporary Examples

Definitely not an Afghani, because most people have never met one.
The Taliban Trolled the Internet with a Dog Video and Upstaged an American POW Brian Van Reet February 10, 2014

A striking example of this effect is the iconic National Geographic cover of Afghani girl Sharbat Gula.
On St. Patrick’s Day, Beware Those Sly Green Eyes Laura Dimon March 16, 2013

One Afghani reporter asked a still more pointed question: How do you think the U.S. should rebuild the Afghanistan you destroyed?
Osama bin Laden: Why He Won E.J. Graff May 14, 2011

Who are some great Afghani writers that your readers should know about, but who are not so well known abroad?
Khaled Hosseini: How I Write Noah Charney November 6, 2012

the standard monetary unit of Afghanistan, divided into 100 puli
Jamal ad-Din al-. 1839–97, Iranian Muslim religious and political reformer; a proponent of Muslim unity, he resisted European interference in Muslim countries


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