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on :
to set a house afire.
(def 2).
Contemporary Examples

The blogosphere is afire with outrage: A rich do-nothing given probation for raping his three-year-old daughter!
Delaware’s Affluenza Case Affects Justice, Too Jay Michaelson March 31, 2014

The blogosphere was also afire with Palinmania, from Andrew Sullivan to Talking Points Memo to this very site.
Palin’s Gold Mine Duff McDonald November 18, 2009

Twitter is afire with thoughts on the Woodward-Politico-Gene Sperling imbroglio.
Bob Woodward and Politico and the Worst of Washington Michael Tomasky February 27, 2013

Historical Examples

It vanished, but where it had been another light now burned, for the temple of Quetzal was afire.
Montezuma’s Daughter H. Rider Haggard

The fish-house got afire, and burned up; and that was the last we saw of the gold.
Freaks of Fortune Oliver Optic

Not a glance in his face disclosed passion, but his heart was afire.
The Scapegoat Hall Caine

Wouldn’t the animals get excited when they saw the show was afire?
Back Home Eugene Wood

Hands clutched at guns and clothing, and the women and children ran to the windows, sick for fear lest the fort be afire.
The Wilderness Trail Frank Williams

He were fast asleep that night, and his bed were afire when I wackened him.
Dick o’ the Fens George Manville Fenn

The Massachusetts Colony was afire with wrath because of the Lexington massacre.
With Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga W. Bert Foster

adverb, adjective (postpositive)
on fire; ablaze
intensely interested or passionate: he was afire with enthusiasm for the new plan

c.1200, afure, from a- “on” (see a- (1)) + fire (n.). Figurative use by late 14c.


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