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cited or earlier or previously.
Contemporary Examples

As the aforementioned incidents show, this arrangement has been far from peaceful.
Why Jews Should Be Allowed to Pray On the Temple Mount Zack Parker June 24, 2013

I have sworn to defend my country, my constitution, and the values and virtues of the aforementioned.
Wingnuts Excerpt—The Hatriots: Armed and Dangerous John Avlon March 29, 2010

The one thing, that aforementioned silver lining, is that the FCC still has the power and ability to turn this all around.
Does This Ruling Mean The End of the Internet? Maybe. Craig Aaron January 14, 2014

But the aforementioned “uptight” chick would have a hard time making a case for sexual assault under these specific circumstances.
Dutch Supreme Court’s ‘Forced-Tongue Kiss’ Rape Ruling Explained Lizzie Crocker March 12, 2013

On Aug. 17, the Pentagon held its 13th annual iftaar and honored the families of the aforementioned Muslim-American heroes.
The Defense Department’s Muslim Counterterrorists Salmah Y. Rizvi August 29, 2010

Historical Examples

The Rabbis allowed the aforementioned ingredients to be used for the Sabbath fires, though not for the Sabbath lamps.
The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII. Various

He had come, he said, to thank his dear young master for the aforementioned invitation.
The Goose Man Jacob Wassermann

It’s the most complete system of nepotism since the aforementioned Florentine days.
Diplomatic Days Edith O’Shaughnessy

At last there came a rupture with the aforementioned Academy.
The Kaiser’s Memoirs William II, German Emperor

Now as Bruyan returned with the two aforementioned, there also came into the room a yeoman who served Sir Pendore.
In the Court of King Arthur Samuel Lowe

(usually prenominal) (chiefly in legal documents) stated or mentioned before or already

1580s, from afore + p.p. of mention. Afore-written is from mid-15c.


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