African honeybee


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  • African horse sickness

    noun (vet science) a fatal infectious disease of horses, mules, and donkeys, which is transmitted by insect vectors. It is caused by an arbovirus and is characterized by pulmonary or cardiac signs

  • African lily

    . a plant, Agapanthus africanus, of the amaryllis family, native to Africa, having large umbels of blue flowers. noun another name for agapanthus

  • African lion hound

    . one of a South African breed of medium-sized muscular hunting dogs having a short, glossy, red or tan coat, with a characteristic ridge of hair along the spine consisting of parallel crowns of hair growing in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat, originally developed for hunting lions but now used primarily […]

  • African mahogany

    a large tree, Khaya ivorensis, of western Africa, having hard wood resembling true mahogany, widely used in cabinetmaking and boatbuilding. any of several related or similar African hardwood trees. the wood of any of these trees. noun any of several African trees of the meliaceous genus Khaya, esp K. ivorensis, that have wood similar to […]

  • African marigold

    a bushy composite plant, Tagetes erecta, of Mexico, having pinnate leaves and large yellow or orange flower heads. Historical Examples The Tuberose and African marigold have been seen to emit these mimic lightnings. Atlantic Monthly Vol. 6, No. 33, July, 1860 Various

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