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African sleeping sickness

(def 1).

African sleeping sickness Af·ri·can sleeping sickness (āf’rĭ-kən)
African trypanosomiasis.


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  • African swine fever

    noun (vet science) a highly contagious fatal disease of pigs caused by a myxovirus. The disease is characterized by fever, blotches on the skin, depression, and lack of coordination

  • African time

    noun (South African, slang) unpunctuality

  • African trypanosomiasis

    (def 1). African trypanosomiasis n. Either of two types of an often fatal, endemic infectious disease of humans and animals in tropical Africa: Gambian trypanosomiasis or Rhodesian trypanosomiasis.

  • African tulip tree

    a tropical African evergreen tree, Spathodea campaulata, with pinnate leaves, split pods, winged seeds, and large red flowers.

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