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artifacts or artistic or literary works of any of the nations of Africa reflecting geographical, historical, or cultural development.
a collection of materials, as books and documents, on African history or culture.
Historical Examples

Footsteps and broken talk echoed along the narrow street; one heard guitars and somebody began to sing the Africana.
Kit Musgrave’s Luck Harold Bindloss

Mustela Africana is the most primitive of the American weasels.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

After this he sang the aria of the fourth act of “Africana.”
Christmas Stories from French and Spanish writers Antoinette Ogden

For example, p2 is always absent in Mustela Africana and always present in certain subspecies of M. frenata.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

I have examined no skulls of Africana with greatly worn teeth and hence cannot say if the sutures are obliterated in advanced age.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

Map showing the geographic ranges of the subspecies of Mustela frenata and Mustela Africana.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

It is possibly significant that Mustela Africana is intermediate in several respects between Lyncodon and typical Mustela.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

As described in male of Mustela Africana Africana except that: Weight, 4.7 grams.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

In the small Mustela rixosa and apparently in Mustela Africana the secondary sexual difference in size is relatively slight.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

Mr. Duff Macdonald, in Africana, writes: ‘Every man who dies what we call a natural death is really killed by witches.’
Modern Mythology Andrew Lang

plural noun
objects of cultural or historical interest of African origin


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