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  • Afterhearing

    afterhearing afterhearing af·ter·hear·ing (āf’tər-hēr’ĭng) n. See aftersound.

  • Afterhours

    occurring, engaged in, or operating after the normal or legal closing time for business: an after-hours drinking club.

  • Afterimpression

    afterimpression afterimpression af·ter·im·pres·sion (āf’tər-ĭm-prěsh’ən) n. See aftersensation.

  • Afterload

    afterload afterload af·ter·load (āf’tər-lōd’) n. The arrangement of a muscle so that it lifts a weight from an adjustable support or works against a constant opposing force to which it is not exposed when at rest. The load or force thus encountered.

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