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the owner of a yacht or his guests.
the officers quartered in the stern of a vessel.
Historical Examples

The rear crew brought down the afterguard of logs to the pond.
The Riverman Stewart Edward White

afterguard, muster your buckets and brushes and wash down the decks.
The Rover’s Secret Harry Collingwood

Men openly sharpened their knives, and the afterguard ostentatiously showed their pistols.
The Grain Ship Morgan Robertson

It was a sociable ship as far as the afterguard was concerned.
The Beach of Dreams H. De Vere Stacpoole

The two young boatsteerers, Bunker and Fisher, with the Portuguese steward, completed the “afterguard.”
There She Blows! William Hussey Macy

The social gap between this afterguard and Rose and her colleagues in the chorus, was not so very wide, but it was abysmally deep.
The Real Adventure Henry Kitchell Webster

Hinkel had fallen down on his job and the skipper was scared of me, and it was me that put that Dutchman out of the afterguard.
The Viking Blood Frederick William Wallace

He is more my own kind, and some day he will make a henchman of the afterguard and a mate like Mr. Pike.
The Mutiny of the Elsinore Jack London

I exclaimed, and, seizing a heavy block that one of the afterguard was fitting, I felled him to the deck.
Rattlin the Reefer Edward Howard

He inquired now about the other member of the afterguard,—the burly Hollander who had superintended the washing-down.
Gold Out of Celebes Aylward Edward Dingle

noun (sailing)
a sailor or group of sailors stationed on the poop to attend to the aft sails
the members of the crew responsible for strategic decisions about the sailing and navigation of a boat


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