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the time from until evening.
the latter part:
the afternoon of life.
pertaining to the latter part of the day.
Contemporary Examples

When the Beast tried to reach her Tuesday afternoon at her office, no one answered the phone.
Audrey Tomason: Situation Room Mystery Woman Daniel Stone May 2, 2011

One afternoon in March, some boys wrote antigovernment graffiti on a wall.
Gay Syrian Blogger a Hoax? Asne Seierstad June 5, 2011

Ironically, asteroid 2012 DA14 flew past the Earth this afternoon from 17,150 miles away—the closest distance in decades.
Are You Living in an Asteroid Danger Zone? Lauren Streib February 15, 2013

A response to Millman should be posted sometime this afternoon.
War With Iran? Justin Green September 3, 2012

She told me a horrifying story one afternoon as we sat in front of my air conditioning, trying to beat the hot summer heat.
Why I Roofied Myself: A Model on Fashion and the Date-Rape Drug Anonymous January 4, 2014

Historical Examples

I would like to throw out all my heart to Leonard on such an afternoon as this.
Howards End E. M. Forster

I guess, after our talk this afternoon, you think you’re doing what’s best for the valley.
Still Jim Honor Willsie Morrow

“They are empties, I noticed them on the afternoon run,” said the young fireman.
Ralph on the Engine Allen Chapman

It lies convenient for us to pay our afternoon services to our mistresses.
The Comedies of William Congreve William Congreve

Parties of young people often met for the afternoon and evening.
A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia Amanda Minnie Douglas


the period of the day between noon and evening
(as modifier): afternoon tea

a middle or later part: the afternoon of life

c.1300, from after + noon. In 15c.-16c., the form was at afternoon; from c.1600 it has been in the afternoon. Middle English also had aftermete “afternoon, part of the day following the noon meal,” mid-14c.


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