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afterperception af·ter·per·cep·tion (āf’tər-pər-sěp’shən)
Perception of a sensation after the stimulus that produced it has ceased to act.


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  • Afterpotential

    afterpotential afterpotential af·ter·po·ten·tial (āf’tər-pə-těn’shəl) n. A small negative or positive change in electrical potential in a stimulated nerve that follows and is dependent on the main potential.

  • Afters

    behind in place or position; following behind: men lining up one after the other. later in time than; in succession to; at the close of: Tell me after supper. Day after day he came to work late. subsequent to and in consequence of: After what has happened, I can never return. below in rank or […]

  • Aftershave lotion

    noun a lotion, usually styptic and perfumed, for application to the face after shaving Often shortened to aftershave

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    noun a party held after a public performance of a play or film (as modifier): an aftershow bash

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