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a remaining the substance causing it is no longer in the mouth.
the remaining sensation following an unpleasant experience, incident, etc.:
the aftertaste of a bad marriage.
Historical Examples

He had known nightmares before; none of them had left this aftertaste.
Voodoo Planet Andre Norton

Thus she comforted herself before the aftertaste of Miss von Schwertfeger’s late visits was dispelled by new dreams of happiness.
The Song of Songs Hermann Sudermann

The aftertaste of Selma had been bitter, but the small, sharp flurry at the Godwin house left them no longer feeling so bitter.
Ride Proud, Rebel! Andre Alice Norton

Not for her home in the Vicolo: this everlasting love-making with its aftertaste of stale sugar had turned her sick of Padua.
Little Novels of Italy Maurice Henry Hewlett

a taste that lingers on after eating or drinking
a lingering impression or sensation

aftertaste af·ter·taste (āf’tər-tāst’)
A taste persisting in the mouth after the substance that caused it is no longer present.


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