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acre-feet per year
Historical Examples

He would come galloping over at dusk, tie his horse to a tree in the wood, and pass an hour or two with afy.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

I only saw him once; I had gone home early, and there sat him and afy.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

However, they did marry, and at the end of the year my little sister afy was born.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

Her aunt had died and her income with her, but not the vanity and love of finery that afy had acquired.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

One struggling cry of pain; and, for the second time that day, afy Hallijohn fell forward in a fainting fit.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

afy followed him directly after the inquest, and nothing has been known since of either of them.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

afy’s face was changing to whiteness; her confident air to one of dread; her vanity to humiliation.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

So far as I can find out, Richard, nobody here did know him, save you and afy.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

Later in the evening, after Mr. Carlyle’s dinner, a message came that afy was to go to him.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood

afy stared some moments before she replied, astonished at the question.
East Lynne Mrs. Henry Wood


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