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(pathol, obsolete) absence or failure of secretion of milk

agalactia a·ga·lac·ti·a (ā’gə-lāk’tē-ə, -shē-ə, āg’ə-)
Absence of or faulty secretion of milk following childbirth. Also called agalactosis.
a’ga·lac’tous (-təs) adj.


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  • Agalactorrhea

    agalactorrhea agalactorrhea a·ga·lac·tor·rhe·a (ā’gə-lāk’tə-rē’ə) n. Cessation of the flow of milk.

  • Agalactosis

    agalactosis agalactosis a·gal·ac·to·sis (ā-gāl’ək-tō’sĭs, ə-gāl’-) n. See agalactia.

  • Agalite

    a fibrous variety of talc. Historical Examples agalite and talc, which are silicates of magnesia, are also used. From Paper-mill to Pressroom William Bond Wheelwright Other silicates of magnesia used for paper-making are agalite and asbestine, the latter being a finely ground asbestos. The Manufacture of Paper Robert Walter Sindall

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