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an American art glass having a mottled, glossy, white and rose surface.
Historical Examples

The mezza bolla is supposed to refer to the fine for entrance on the little benefice of Sant’agata, half of which Leo remitted.
Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature John Addington Symonds

agata, and subsequently the walls were raised and the church was groined.
Some Account of Gothic Architecture in Spain George Edmund Street

If my soles are to be shod with blows, the honest priest of Sant’ agata will be cheated by a penitent.
The Bravo J. Fenimore Cooper

agata in Suburra, through the courtyard of which we enter the Church of Sta.
Walks in Rome Augustus J.C. Hare

“Place,” cried the Duke of Sant’ agata, whose person and voice were alike unknown to them.
The Bravo J. Fenimore Cooper

agata carrying her breasts—showing the manner in which she suffered.
Walks in Rome Augustus J.C. Hare

agata is another church which still has its old campanile intact, with round-arched windows, very simple and not large.
Brick and Marble in the Middle Ages George Edmund Street

The term kuni was employed to designate an area bounded by mountains or rivers, whereas the agata had no such geographical limits.
Japan Various

Duke of Sant’ agata, may thy patron hear thy prayers, as thou provest kind to this innocent and confiding child!
The Bravo J. Fenimore Cooper

I only regret thou should’st find me, where, no doubt, you expected to meet the Duca di Sant’ agata himself.
The Bravo J. Fenimore Cooper


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