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361–289 b.c, tyrant of Syracuse 317–289.
Historical Examples

Agathocles sent for them to come and aid him in some of his wars.
Pyrrhus Jacob Abbott

Agathocles hesitated and placed his fingers upon the patient’s pulse.
The Lion’s Brood Duffield Osborne

Arsinoe, of course, was continually devising means to curtail the growing importance and greatness of Agathocles.
Pyrrhus Jacob Abbott

But this, as the proverb has it,A fragment from the earlier history of Agathocles.
The Histories of Polybius, Vol. II (of 2) Polybius

But the achievements of Agathocles can certainly not be ascribed to fortune.
The World’s Greatest Books–Volume 14–Philosophy and Economics Various

Such was the end of Agathocles and Agathocleia and their kinsfolk.
The Histories of Polybius, Vol. II (of 2) Polybius

Thus two hundred towns surrendered without resistance to Agathocles immediately he appeared in Africa.
History of Julius Caesar Vol. 1 of 2 Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873.

In vice and cruelty he rivals a Dionysius, an Agathocles, or a Phalaris.
The Sonnets, Triumphs, and Other Poems of Petrarch Petrarch

His daughter Arsino married Lysimachus in his old age, and urged him against his son, Agathocles, the husband of her own sister.
History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 10 (of 12) S. Rappoport

So, lying one day in the entrance hall and gazing out over the Forum below, he turned to Agathocles, who sat close by.
The Lion’s Brood Duffield Osborne


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