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ancient; from time immemorial:
an age-old tradition.
Contemporary Examples

This answers the age-old conundrum: if an angry man delivers seething retorts to a quiet audience, will he make a soundbite?
President Obama Elicits Groans With SOTU Joke Mark Katz January 25, 2012

It is called “being offended,” and it is an age-old Russian national pastime, both on an individual level and more broadly.
Don’t You Dare Call Russians Thin-Skinned! Liesl Schillinger February 4, 2014

Which is to say, the U.S.—as always—remains in search of age-old answers to difficult questions.
7 Books for the Spiritually Starved Spencer Bailey September 17, 2010

This returns me to an age-old little conundrum, which I’ve remarked on many times over the years.
The Big Lie Debunked Michael Tomasky July 25, 2012

I meant the age-old motivator, fear—stoking fear in their base of what a Republican Senate would look like.
How Can Dems Be Losing to These Idiots? Michael Tomasky October 28, 2014

Historical Examples

It was nearly square—a hollow bubble in the age-old lava—axe-trimmed many hundred years ago.
Rung Ho! Talbot Mundy

age-old mysteries surrounding our book have not yet been cleared up.
Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome Apicius

Meanwhile, journeying through this age-old land, a snatch of verse goes running through my head.
Polly the Pagan Isabel Anderson

The bridegroom, foretold by the age-old priest, had come at last.
Romances of Old Japan Yei Theodora Ozaki

It was a strange story of forbidden love, one that might have been enacted in age-old times beneath the shadows of the pyramids.
Astounding Stories, July, 1931 Various

very old or of long duration; ancient

1896, from age (n.) + old.


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