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not or appearing to .
lasting forever; eternal; undying:
the ageless beauty of Greek sculpture.
Contemporary Examples

Cosmetic surgery invites us to enter a dystopian universe in which everybody looks the same: poreless, ageless, blond and bland.
Nicole Kidman Botox Insanity: Why All Women Lose Out When We Obsess Over Stars’ Faces Emma Woolf May 24, 2014

As seen in this footage from the Australia’s Got Talent 2009 finale, Vincent’s talent is ageless.
The World’s 9 Best ‘Idols’ The Daily Beast Video April 8, 2010

For the past year it has been impossible to escape the unshakeable beats and ageless looks of Pharrell Williams.
How Pharrell Williams Finally Made It to the Top Justin Jones August 5, 2014

On one side of town was Prince, the ageless, purple-suited funk-pop legend, playing a Samsung bash.
Justin Timberlake Closes Out SXSW in Style at Myspace Bash Marlow Stern March 16, 2013

The crime of antisemitism is an ageless one, an international one, and a heinous one.
Violence Erupts When You Tolerate Antisemitism Dr. Charles Asher Small April 13, 2014

Historical Examples

Love and deceit, troubles and rewards are as ageless as the heavens.
Roads from Rome Anne C. E. Allinson

Grizzled, ageless, watery-eyed, their clothing clean but baggy.
The Risk Profession Donald Edwin Westlake

The very age of the walls was a protest against the assumption that there is a touchstone that is ageless.
Romance Island Zona Gale

He was still as the ageless rocks, as much a part of eternity.
Tharon of Lost Valley Vingie E. Roe

A hard and glittering sanity, a kind of ageless enamel, is what confronts us in their temperament.
Alone Norman Douglas

apparently never growing old
timeless; eternal: an ageless quality

1650s, from age + -less. Related: Agelessly; agelessness.


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