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to oppress or wrong grievously; injure by injustice.
to afflict with pain, anxiety, etc.
Historical Examples

“I did think you would have helped me, Bunny,” Delushy cried, with aggrievement.
The Maid of Sker Richard Doddridge Blackmore

There was a tone of injury and aggrievement in his talk of the bear’s ingratitude.
Eben Holden Irving Bacheller

There is no expression of aggrievement, either slight or acute, at the precious metals leaving her.
The History of Currency, 1252 to 1896 William Arthur Shaw

She had a sense of aggrievement and a feeling of added loneliness as she sat down to her solitary lunch.
A Young Mutineer Mrs. L. T. Meade

verb (transitive)
(often impersonal or passive) to grieve; distress; afflict: it aggrieved her much that she could not go
to injure unjustly, esp by infringing a person’s legal rights

early 14c., from Old French agrever “make worse; become worse,” from Latin aggravare “make heavier” (see aggravation). Related: Aggrieved; aggrieving.


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