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a village in N France, near Calais: victory of the English over the French 1415.
Contemporary Examples

Would such shallowness be tolerated in a film about the Battle of Agincourt, immortalized by Shakespeare in Henry V?
‘300’ Is a Misleading, Muscle-Bound Travesty of Ancient History James Romm March 12, 2014

Yet there was also Henry V’s victory at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, perhaps the dynasty’s high spot.
The Mighty—and Overlooked—Reign of the Plantagenets Andrew Roberts February 5, 2013

Historical Examples

The banner of the Oriflamme is said to have been unfurled by the French for the last time at Agincourt.
King Henry the Fifth William Shakespeare

If you can drink that little tipple, Agincourt, you ‘re right to do it.
One Of Them Charles James Lever

Trembling, her people asked the question: the answer was Agincourt.
Joan of Arc Laura E. Richards

O’Shea’s face, as he said this, was so absurdly droll that Agincourt laughed aloud.
One Of Them Charles James Lever

It was just completed in time for the grand procession to sweep along it when the Te Deum was sung for the victory at Agincourt.
Little Folks (July 1884) Various

O’Shea gave a nod, as though to say “Proceed;” but Agincourt said nothing.
One Of Them Charles James Lever

Footnote 94: The song will be found in a note on our account of the battle of Agincourt.
Henry of Monmouth, Volume 2 J. Endell Tyler

“Well, sir, I hope I see you in good health,” said he to Agincourt.
One Of Them Charles James Lever

a battle fought in 1415 near the village of Azincourt, N France: a decisive victory for English longbowmen under Henry V over French forces vastly superior in number


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