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heartburn; indigestion.
agitation; anxiety.

agitation or anxiety

The house remodeling gave her agita.
Word Origin

Italian agitare ‘to agitate’

agita ag·i·ta (āj’ĭ-tə)
Acid indigestion.


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  • Agitated

    excited; disturbed. to move or force into violent, irregular action: The hurricane winds agitated the sea. to shake or move briskly: The machine agitated the mixture. to move to and fro; impart regular motion to. to disturb or excite emotionally; arouse; perturb: a crowd agitated to a frenzy by impassioned oratory; a man agitated by […]

  • Agitated depression

    a severe depression accompanied by constant restlessness. noun severe depression accompanied by extreme anxiety and agitation Also called agitated melancholia agitated depression ag·i·tat·ed depression (āj’ĭ-tā’tĭd) n. A form of depression characterized by restlessness and nervous activity.

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