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; blazing:
The sky was aglare with spotlights.
Historical Examples

His eyes were aglare with a terrible rage and hate; he stepped backward a little, bending his right arm, spreading the fingers.
‘Drag’ Harlan Charles Alden Seltzer

The high Balsam peaks were shaken by thunder and aglare with lightning.
Myths of the Cherokee James Mooney

At three in the morning Port of Spain woke up, all aglare with the blaze six miles away to the north-west.
At Last Charles Kingsley

There was a waving of hands and handkerchiefs from the little station, aglare in the early afternoon sun.
Different Girls Various

A week after a great city was all aglare with flags, and ablare with trumpets.
Humorous Readings and Recitations Various

The cafés and wine-shops are aglare and the terrasse chairs are crowded to their fullest of the day.
Mlle. Fouchette Charles Theodore Murray

Above, the whole sky was aglare with its wavering red reflections.
Old Judge Priest Irvin S. Cobb


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