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a relative whose connection is traceable exclusively through males.
any male relation on the father’s side.
related or akin through males or on the father’s side.
allied or akin.
Historical Examples

If there were no children, then the inheritance passed to the agnatic kindred, and in default of the latter, to the gentiles.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

agnatic inheritance would be apt to assert itself in this condition of things.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

Whether the wife forfeited her agnatic rights by her marriage, as among the Romans, I am unable to state.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

The importance they attached to the agnatic family is largely explained by their ideas of the future life.
The Private Life of the Romans Harold Whetstone Johnston

This practical limitation of the inheritance to the nearest gentile kin discloses the germ of agnatic inheritance.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

As they understood it, the pater familis had absolute power over his children and other agnatic descendants.
The Private Life of the Romans Harold Whetstone Johnston

The gens is to be found in Greek and Roman history, where it is known as the agnatic kindred.
The Iowa William Harvey Miner

Here again it will be convenient to employ the Roman terms, agnatic and Cognatic relationship.
Ancient Law Sir Henry James Sumner Maine

The former case offends against the principle of agnatic organisation, the latter against the cognatic.
The Heroic Age H. Munro Chadwick

It shows that property was hereditary in the gens, but restricted to the agnatic kindred in the female line.
Ancient Society Lewis Henry Morgan

related by descent from a common male ancestor
related in any way; cognate
a male or female descendant by male links from a common male ancestor


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