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Agnus dei


a figure of a lamb as emblematic of Christ.
such a representation with the nimbus inscribed with the cross about its head, and supporting the banner of the cross.

a prayer addressed to Christ as Savior preceding the communion in the Mass.
a musical setting of this prayer.
Historical Examples

The Agnus Dei and other similar parts were given with a tenderness that was quite overpowering.
From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn Henry M. Field

You cuffed him last Sunday for ringing the bell at the Agnus Dei.
My New Curate P.A. Sheehan

Some of these are bones from the Catacombs, and an Agnus Dei of wax.
The Old Franciscan Missions Of California George Wharton James

In the tympanum of the door is a pierced roundel with the Agnus Dei.
The Shores of the Adriatic F. Hamilton Jackson

Robin felt in his bosom for the Agnus Dei cake, but it was gone!
Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2) John Roby

While the congregation flowed quietly in, the organist played the Agnus Dei of Mozart.
Hard Cash Charles Reade

Presently the congregation sits down, the organ peals forth and a choir of sweet voices chaunts the ‘Agnus Dei.’
Normandy Picturesque Henry Blackburn

She was seated at her harpsichord, singing an Agnus Dei, and he could see her in the lamplight as we passed the door.
Mohawks, Volume 2 of 3 Mary Elizabeth Braddon

They occur in the Benedictus, but are wanting in the Agnus Dei.
The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, Volume III (of 3) Alexander Wheelock Thayer

Some hurried sketches belonging to the Credo are found amongst the remarks of his friends, and also sketches for the Agnus Dei.
The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, Volume III (of 3) Alexander Wheelock Thayer

noun (Christianity)
the figure of a lamb bearing a cross or banner, emblematic of Christ
a chant beginning with these words or a translation of them, forming part of the Roman Catholic Mass or sung as an anthem in the Anglican liturgy
a wax medallion stamped with a lamb as emblem of Christ and blessed by the pope

Latin, literally “lamb of God.”


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