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a small cramp iron.
a clasp, often richly ornamented, for clothing or armor.
a device, as a hook, for preventing vibration in the section of a piano string between the pin and the bridge.
(in classical architecture) a sculptural relief on the face of a keystone.
Historical Examples

He added that others such as Stroom, Graith, and agraffe appeared in his poems.
The Crow’s Nest Clarence Day, Jr.

But he wrote certain poems, in which Stroom and Graith, and the agraffe appear.
The Crow’s Nest Clarence Day, Jr.

What part the agraffe played in it (a medival beast I imagined) I could not know, could not guess.
The Crow’s Nest Clarence Day, Jr.

a fastening consisting of a loop and hook, formerly used in armour and clothing
a metal cramp used to connect stones


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