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of or relating to plants growing wild in fields and uncultivated areas.
(of uncultivated plants such as weeds) growing on cultivated land

growing wild in fields
Word Origin

L. agrestis
Usage Note



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  • Agrestic

    rural; rustic. unpolished; awkward: agrestic behavior. Contemporary Examples An examination of the eerie similarities between Litchfield Prison and agrestic. Orange Is the New Weeds: The Adventures of Jenji Kohan Across the 8th Dimension Rich Goldstein, Emily Shire August 17, 2014 Historical Examples agrestic, a-gres′tik, adj. pertaining to the fields: rural: unpolished. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary […]

  • Agri-

    a combining form with the meaning “agriculture, farming,” used in the formation of compound words: agribusiness.

  • Agri-environmental

    adjective of or relating to the impact of agricultural practices on the environment

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    agria agria ag·ri·a (āg’rē-ə) n. An extensive pustular eruption.

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