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a.d. 16?–59? mother of the Roman emperor Nero and sister of Caligula.
Historical Examples

Here agrippina waited in fear and agitation the return of her messenger.
Historic Tales, Volume 11 (of 15) Charles Morris

To love like this was of the gods, and he had never loved anything so but agrippina.
The Art of Disappearing John Talbot Smith

This was agrippina Petrovna, servant of his mother, who died in this very house.
The Awakening Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy

Nero was inclined to accede to this proposal, but agrippina strongly opposed it.
Nero Jacob Abbott

At length in about five years after the marriage of agrippina herself, Nero and Octavia were married.
Nero Jacob Abbott

This gave agrippina a clew to the situation and she was silent.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great Philosophers, Volume 8 Elbert Hubbard

agrippina was of course admitted, and left her attendants at the door.
Darkness and Dawn Frederic W. Farrar

It was the head of the young Augustus upon the form of agrippina.
Lucretia, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The bearers were on the point of lifting the bier when agrippina entered.
Darkness and Dawn Frederic W. Farrar

In this year he performed his ‘agrippina’ at Venice, and in 1709 he was still in Hamburg.
Musical Myths and Facts, Volume II (of 2) Carl Engel

called the Elder. c. 14 bc–33 ad, Roman matron: granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus, mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger
called the Younger. 15–59 ad, mother of Nero, who put her to death after he became emperor


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