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the science of ecology applied to the design, development, and management of agriculture

Agroecology takes into account the needs of the ecosystem and people in it.
Word Origin

blend of agro- and ecology
Usage Note



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  • Agroforestry

    a method and system of land management involving the simultaneous cultivation of farm crops and trees; agriculture incorporating the growing of trees: Agroforestry ensures a continuous food supply, some continuous economic return, and the avoidance of soil degradation. Contemporary Examples They lend themselves to biodiverse agriculture as well as to agroforestry, a style of tree […]

  • Agrology

    the branch of soil science dealing especially with the production of crops. noun the scientific study of soils and their potential productivity

  • Agromania

    an abnormal desire to live alone, especially in an isolated area.

  • Agron.

    . agronomy

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