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Associate in General Studies.
ag courses; to major in ag.
Contemporary Examples

Initially, it was the Republican ags giving Miller a hard time.
Crashing the Bank Busters’ Party Gary Rivlin October 4, 2011

ags become targets of election-year warfare and they have little ability to shape a policy agenda.
The Short List of Candidates to Replace Janet Napolitano at DHS Daniel Klaidman July 11, 2013

By all rights, bank regulators in Washington, not the ags, should have been the ones clamping down on these abuses.
Crashing the Bank Busters’ Party Gary Rivlin October 4, 2011

Historical Examples

The same negative result is to be derived from the fact that ags.
Torrent of Portyngale Unknown

Letters to Des Maizeaux (one interesting, offering him pecuniary assistance) in ags.
Notes & Queries, No. 37. Saturday, July 13, 1850 Various

interjection (South African)
an expression of surprise, annoyance, pleasure, etc
sentence connector
an expression used to preface a remark, gain time, etc
Antigua and Barbuda
Chemical symbol
Adjutant General
Attorney General

abbreviation of agriculture, attested from 1918, American English.

The symbol for the element silver.
The symbol for silver.


Aggravated or annoyed: He got aggro when the interview took longer than he planned
American Geriatrics Society
adjutant general
again (shortwave transmission)
attorney general


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